Announcing Metricsco’s Integration with JetPay

An entirely new way to retain your Customers – Completely in-sync with JetPay.

For more than 20 Years JetPay Payment Services has been a leader in the payments industry, offering fast, flexible and reliable payment solutions.

JetPay is a NASDAQ listed (JTPY) payment services provider with solutions for credit card processing, payroll processing and prepaid cards, all designed to meet their customers’ specific business needs

JetPay focus is to help their customers to increase profits by authorizing more transactions, increasing renewal rates, providing better reporting and freeing up time by taking hours of routine tasks out of their business.

Why use Metricsco with JetPay?

It takes time to implement any decline recycling strategy. Thankfully, Metricsco is the easiest service to set up!
Integrating Plans, Subscriptions, and Transactions can seem overwhelming at first. If you want to try out Metricsco, but don’t want to spend time getting your dev team involved, our Integration with JetPay is one of the easiest ways to bring in your subscription data so you can start seeing immediate customer retention improvement.

With Metricsco integration with JetPay, you can quickly find the value for your app or site without relying on a developer to manually integrate everything.

Getting Started

To get started, just head over to the Payment Processors page in your Metricsco account and select the JetPay integration. If you’re a JetPay customer, simply provide the information to connect your account with Metricsco.

That’s it! Now subscriptions from your JetPay account will start flowing into Metricsco. We will handle all of your payment declines and retry them automatically through our sophisticated decline recycling strategies.

What’s Next?

You can see your subscriptions by clicking on the Subscriptions Page.

Want to optimize your customer retention even more? Set up and A/B test to see which decline recycling strategy works best for your business: See here

If you are an expert with decline recycling strategies, upgrade to an Enterprise Plan and start creating, customizing and A/B testing your own strategies – all through our easy to use interface.

Please Contact Us for more details on how to upgrade to Enterprise Plan.

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