How it All Works

Automate Retention with Metricsco API

Metricsco is the most advanced retention platform for mobile & web. Instead of just measuring subscriptions, it helps you automate and reduce your subscriptions churn rate.

You continue processing payment transactions through your existing payment processor or gateway.

Once a transaction gets declined, you send it over to Metricsco via the API.

We then run the declined payment through our sophisticated Decline Recycling Strategies and return an advice that tells you When & How to retry the transaction again.

When that time arrives, you retry the payment again. You may modify the transaction based on our advice – for example, we may advise you to update the expiration date of the card, or change the zip code.

If the transaction gets approved – you are all set. Otherwise, we run it again through our algorithms until eventually we get it right.

Cant Integrate? Use one of our out-of-the-box Connectors

Metricsco is integrated with some of the leading Payment Gateways.

If your developers are busy with other projects (which they always are) – check out our out-of-the-box connectors and start working with Metricsco right away.

Once connected, declined payments from your processing account will start flowing into Metricsco.

We will handle all of your payment declines and retry them automatically through our sophisticated Decline Recycling Strategies.

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