Announcing: The Metricsco 2015 Early Adopter Program (Ends: January 30)

Metricsco - Early Adopters Program - Annoucement slide

Frequently Asked Questions About This Early Adopter Program

1. What’s the Deadline to Join and Become a 2015 Early Adopter?

This early adopter program ends January 30, 2015 at midnight. That’s Saturday, January 30 at 12 am Eastern (or 9 pm Pacific).

To become an early adopter of both Subscription Analytics and our new Subscription Optimizer, you must either Register or Upgrade to a Professional membership of Metricsco between now and January 30 at midnight Eastern.

2. How Do I Become an Early Adopter?

There are three ways to become an early adopter and get access to our two biggest Metrcisco products coming in 2015.

• If you’re NOT a Metrcisco member yet: Register (here) to a Professional membership of Metrcisco before January 30 at midnight (Eastern Time).

• If you’re already a Metrcisco member: Upgrade your Metrcisco membership to a Professional membership before January 30 at midnight Eastern.

• If you’re already an Enterprise Member: You’re in! No need to do anything. As a current Enterprise member, you will already get early adopter access to both Subscription Analytics and the Subscription Optimizer as soon as both are released.

3. How Can I Upgrade If I’m Already a Metrcisco Member?

There are two ways to upgrade. First, as a Metrcisco customer, go to “Account Settings” inside your Metrcisco profile area. Then click on “Billing Plan” and select the “Professional” Billing Plan to upgrade your membership level.

Secondly, if you don’t see a “Professional” Billing Plan, inside your “Account Settings” (or you’re uncertain of your membership level), reach out to our support team at: and they’ll upgrade you.
Otherwise, if you’re not already a Metrcisco member, you can register to a Metrcisco Professional Membership below.

4. Tell Me More About Subscription Analytics. What Can I Expect?

Subscription Analytics gives you access to the most advanced Subscription Analytics platform ever for mobile and the web. You will have access to our beautiful, powerful, flexible, and interactive dashboards that provide decision makers and payment professionals with insightful analytics to run their business.
Subscription Analytics is the easiest way to find and fix all the leaks in your subscription retention management and increase recurring revenue instantly.

5. What About the Subscription Optimizer? Can You Explain How I Use It?

Our Subscription Optimizer allows you to Build, Optimize & A/B test Decline Recycling Strategies without I.T. involvement.

With powerful drag & drop Decline Recycling Strategy builder you can create strategies without any help from a technical team.
We have also created a set of strategies that you can use out of the box and test on your terms and timeline.

You can create and A/B Test different versions of your decline recycling strategies to continuously discover the best performing versions that increase recurring revenue and minimize churn.

For example, let’s say that you need a Decline Recycling Strategy to use for your recurring transactions. Rather than paying a consultant to provide you a basic strategy, you could simply chose one of our ready-made strategies.

Within minutes, you’ll have an easy-to-update Decline Recycling Strategy that you can modify for each of your channels. Inside Metricsco, you can also easily switch to any other Decline Recycling Strategy, duplicate it to run A/B tests, and even track your retention rate for both subscriptions and revenue dollars.

That’s just one example of how you can use the Subscription Optimizer. We look forward to hearing how you’re using the Subscription Optimizer to quickly reduce your churn rate.

6. Can I See some Screenshots Preview?

Here is a sneak preview of what’s expecting you as a Metricsco 2015 Early Adopter:

7. When Will I Get Access to Subscription Analytics and the Subscription Optimizer?

As a Metricsco 2015 Early Adopter, you’ll be among the first to use both Subscription Analytics and the Subscription Optimizer.
Our team will review all registrants and will notify you if you are selected for the Early Adopters Program.
The Metrcisco Subscription Analytics and our new Subscription Optimizer will officially launch in February.

8. Is This a “Lifetime Offer?”

As an early adopter, you will get access to both Subscription Analytics and the Subscription Optimizer for the lifetime of your Professional Membership.

9. What Other Features Come with a Professional Membership of Metricsco?

As a Professional Member of Metrcisco, you get immediate access to:

• Out-of-the-box Decline Recycling Strategies

• Unlimited Advanced A/B testing

• Tracking of Three Payment Service Providers

• 1st priority phone support

• Plus, any professional features we release from now on

Also, if you register or upgrade to a Professional membership of Metrcisco before January 30 at 12 am Eastern at midnight (eastern), you’ll become one of our 2015 early adopters and be one of the first to use Metrcisco and our new Subscription Analytics and Subscription Optimizer in your business.

10. Is there a Free Trial for This Professional Membership?

Yes, absolutely! Like all new Metrcisco memberships, professional memberships starts with a 30 days free trial.

If you join and find for whatever reason that this new Professional membership is not for you, go to “Account Settings” inside your Metrcisco profile area to cancel or just let us know within 30 days and we’ll cancel it for you.