Announcing our biggest release ever: Dunning Management

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We’re excited to announce our biggest release ever:

Increase Recurring Revenue with Dunning Management Tools

Metricsco unveils new Dunning Management functionality designed to power recurring revenue retention, and increase customer lifetime value (CLTV) growth.
Take advantage of the latest capabilities to accelerate time-to-value across the entire subscription lifecycle and fine tune your end-to-end monetization strategy.
Metricsco combines Decline Recycling Strategies, with Dunning Communication via Email, Text and even Phone Calls, into the ultimate Subscription Retention Platform.

What is Dunning Management? And why is it so important for SaaS and Subscription-based companies

One of the biggest challenges for any SaaS or Subscription-based company is handing failed recurring payments. Companies are usually surprised by the large number of subscriptions that have payment issues.

When business volume grows, it is inefficient to manually review these payment declines and communicate with the customers on a per case basis. Recognizing failed payments and providing a way to automatically engage with customers to rectify them helps save valuable capital and human resources.

Smarter Dunning Management

Metrcisco already provides cutting edge Decline Recycling Strategies functionality that helps you silently retry failed payments in the background.

With our new Dunning Management Tools, you can send professional messages to your customers to resolve payment issues. You can engage your customers via multiple communication channels including: Email, Text Messages (SMS), and even Phone Calls.

And you have the control on exactly when and how to trigger your messages, in which format and language, and to which segment of your user base.

Metricsco’s Dunning Management Tools are tightly integrated to our Decline Recycling Strategies functionality, so you can trigger dunning messages any time before, after or in parallel to continue re-trying the failed payments.

Closing customers’ accounts too early or too late can have a big impact on your business. Metricsco allows you to maximize Recurring Revenue, Increase Retention and increase customer lifetime value (CLTV) growth, while you focus on your core business.

How It Works


Use Segments to group your Users and Subscriptions based on your specific criteria. Segments update as user and payment data does so you always have an accurate idea of who is in one.
For example, you can have a segment of “Credit Cards that are about to expire” or “Subscriptions with payment declines this week”


Craft your own custom email templates – Add dynamic data tags, style each template, add variables, include images and more.


Choose the communication channel that captures your target audience attention. Send emails, text messages (SMS) and even Phone Calls.


Use APIs and Webhoooks to integrate with the tools and products you are already using, in the cloud or on-premise.

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