Metricsco: A/B Testing for Decline Recycling Strategies Simplified

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of a Decline Recycling Strategy to see which one performs better. It is a method to validate that any new changes to your decline recycling strategy are improving your recovery rate. You can test different recycling strategies on a portion of your subscriptions before you apply them to your entire volume.

You compare two decline recycling strategies by routing similar recurring transactions to the two variants (let’s call them A and B) at the same time. The one that gives a better recovery rate, wins!

Accurate A/B tests can make a huge difference to your bottom line. By using controlled tests and gathering empirical data, you can figure out exactly which strategies work best for your company.
If you know what works and what doesn’t, and have evidence to back it up, it’s easier to make decisions. Just remember to keep testing regularly, since the effectiveness of anything can change over time.

Why should you A/B Test?

A/B Testing takes the guesswork out of decline recycling optimization and enables data-backed decisions. By measuring the impact that changes have on your recovery rate, you can ensure that every change produces positive results.

A/B testing allows you to make more out of your existing subscriptions base. While the cost of acquiring additional subscribers can be huge, the cost of increasing your recovery rate is minimal.

The ROI (Return On Investment) of A/B testing can be massive, as even small changes to a decline recycling strategy can result in significant increases in retained subscriptions and revenue.
Constantly testing and optimizing your strategies provides you and your team valuable insight about your subscriptions.

What Can You Test?

Almost anything on your strategy that affects recovery rates can be tested.

  • Pricing Plans
  • Cards
  • Addresses
  • Subscriptions
  • Transactions
  • Products
  • Customers

To start with, focus on the things that are most likely to have a big impact, for example: Decline Reason Codes, Price, Card band and type, Payment Processor.

Setting up an A/B Test

Setting up and A/B Test with Metricsco is incredibly easy.

You create A/B Tests using a simple wizard that guides your through the steps. To get to the wizard, just go to the A/B Tests tab of the user profile and click ‘Add a new Test’.

You can select the type of test, the Decline Recycling Strategy variations for the test, control traffic allocation, and even schedule your test to run at the dates and times you specify.

Learn More About Setting up A/B Tests with Metricsco

Track Your A/B Test

Once you’ve launched your test you are ready to collect the results!

The A/B Test dashboard provides a performance summary for you test, and how each variation performed compared to the baseline.

The variations are compared through various modules that examine recovery rates based on transactions, subscriptions, volume, and throughput.

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